Touchless dispenser Praesidio

Touchless dispenser of alcoholic disinfectant, 1000 ml, stainless steel, gound, door white powder coated (RAL 9010), autoclavable stainless steel pump with exact spray cone, adjustable dosage (approx. 0.75/ 1.0/ 1.2 /1.5 ml/stroke), hygienic spray chamber, integrated drip tray, incl. HDPE-bottle and 5 Alkaline D-cell batteries. With contact switching: Door opens after dispenser actuation.

About the manufacturer:

OPHARDT Hygiene is a family owned business group. For more than 50 years, we have been active in the field of hand hygiene, designing and manufacturing dispensing and compliance solutions to meet the diverse needs of our business partners.

In 1967, Hermann Ophardt – a persistant innovator and perfectionist – prototyped Europe’s most iconic healthcare dispenser in his garage workshop near Issum, Germany. Because the ingo-man® was the first dispenser capable of reliably dispensing alcohol-based hand rubs, word spread quickly in the market, anchoring our identity as an innovator in the hygiene market.

Today our brands are found in medical facilities and public washrooms around the world. Our technology and designs are featured in products of major global players in the hygiene industry and beyond.

Distributors Easy Star, Pegu
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